Our advantages
Central location
(next to Red Square and Square of Three Stations)
Accommodation for children under 12 years old is free of charge
(in the main place)
Secure underground parking
(add the service when booking a room)
24/7 gym
24-hour guest laundry


Igor D.
If you don't know where to stay, you need to stay at the Hilton) the service is the best, the rooms are clean, the breakfasts are delicious)
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Natalia Alekseichenko
A chic hotel, a convenient location, the breakfasts are insanely delicious.
Veronika Kotlyarova
A good place. There are three train stations nearby. The metro is also within walking distance. There is an underground parking. There is a restaurant. Quite edible. I tried pancakes and dumplings. Sooo frighteningly pleasant service. You keep waiting for them to stop smiling like that. And they don't stop) everything. On all posts directly. But they work really well. The breakfast is right good . Not really with fruit. But everything else is there. And satisfying and pampering. The room is standard and spacious. Big shower. There is no smell of sewage. There is no mini bar. But there is a refrigerator. I liked everything straight. Rarely does everything work out so well in Moscow. Also with a normal price.
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